What employers do you work with?

We place individuals with a variety of leading financial institutions in the UK and US, including Investment Management firms, Investment Banks, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, early stage investors and independent research firms.

What is your core area of expertise?

We are pure play financial markets recruiters; we are additionally focused within financial markets on industry sector coverage and specific job functions.

What Industry sectors do you cover within financial markets?

We primarily work with financial markets experts who cover the Healthcare, Technology, Banks & NBFI, and Natural Resources industry sectors, yet we do place in other industry sector coverage teams as well.

What job functions do you specialise in?

We are very focussed on working with individuals in equity research, investment banking, private equity, venture capital and investment management roles where an additional expertise is required in a specific industry sector.

Who are your competitors in UK / Europe and the US?

We are not aware of any competitors who are as pin-pointedly focused within financial markets recruitment as we are; that said there are some excellent financial markets recruiters who cover broad areas. In the entry-mid level, in the UK, they include - Dartmouth Partners, Greenwich Partners, PER Private Equity and Goodman Masson. In the US we cannot identify any specific entry-mid level competitors; however at the Director and MD level we often compete with Stanton Chase and Sheffield Howarth, two great firms.

What do you charge to the employer?

We work with financial institutions across the UK, Europe and the US and rates do vary, dependent on volume of hires. We work on a 'no hire-no fee' basis at sensible market rates as we are confident that we can deliver the desired results.