Our Sector Coverage:

                       Equity Research - M&A Advisory - Equities Portfolio Management - Sales and Distribution                             Please view a list of some of our 'Recent Assignments' to see exampes of our work

Our Services:

Recruitment Search and Selection 

We are experts in talent acqusition within the front office Financial Markets sector.

Our core service offering is Search and Selection. We are proud to partner with our clients' across both Secondary and Primary Markets in delivering talent acquisition services.

All our Consultants have have extensive experience in the provision of Search and Selection within Financial Markets.  We successfully complete over 95% of the assignments we take on and most of our business is repeat business.

We also work on Team Lift-Outs assigments, which require a more considered approach and handling throughout.

Details on our Search methodology, fees, and consultants, are available upon request.



 Talent and Market Intelligence 

Talent and Market Intellignce can prove to be of huge value.

Whilst the core of our business is proactive Search and Selection, identifying, attracting and recruiting talent for our clients; we also provide Market and Talent Intelligence services.

Intelligence can take the form of competitor analysis, compensation surveys, market mapping or one-off reports such as gender diversity reports.

Reports can be commissioned as a one off, or ongoing six monthly reports.